NEWS: Senses Fail call Attila a “trash band and trash people”; feud reignites!

Credit: Promo

By now, the feud between Senses Fail (namely frontman Buddy Nielsen) and Attila (namely their frontman Chris Fronzack) is pretty common knowledge, though things have been pretty calm between the two parties for a little while.

For those who aren’t familiar with the drama, we reported the last butting of heads between the two parties last year (here), when Attila dropped their song ‘Callout 2’, and Nielsen discussed his relationship with Fronzack in an interview shortly after

However, it seems that it has been reignited following a tweet from an apparent friend of the members of Attila mentioning Senses Fail, and they decided to respond.

Further comments were then made, which Senses Fail also responded to.

Shortly after, word of the above tweets from Senses Fail reached Chris Fronzack of Attila, who came back with the following.

Further details surrounding this will be confirmed as/if they develop.