NEWS: Seeker release video for ‘CIAH’!

Credit: Promo

Nu-metalcore newcomers Seeker have released a video for ‘CIAH’, the almost title-track from their recent debut EP, ‘Call It A Hatred’.

Vocalist Jack Tyrell had this to say of the track.

“‘CIAH’ is about feeling empty and void of sentiment, how I as a person felt and thought of myself on a daily basis. I couldn’t express why I felt the way I did, until I realised I just hated myself. I hated everything and everyone and that was the only spark that drove me at that point. In essence, it’s about coming to terms with your own self-hatred.

If anyone should take anything from this song, it’s that it’s okay to express yourself. Building walls and feeling empty because of them leaves you worse off than before. It’s scary to feel something new but it shouldn’t hold you back from moving on.”

You can check out ‘CIAH’ and its accompanying video below.

The band’s debut EP, ‘Call It A Hatred’, is out now.