NEWS: Seafoal to continue on as ZAND!

After a handful of years performing and releasing music under the stage name of Seafoal, British singer/songwriter and electro-pop artist Zander Sweeney has announced that effective immediately they will be ditching this pseudonym behind and continue on with their musical career as simply ZAND.

Sweeney announced the decision to change their stage name via a post shared on their social channels, explaining that when they opted for the name Seafoal, they were a “kid with no real vision or sense of direction” and that they haven’t artistically “connected with this pseudonym for a long time.”

You can read the full post that was shared by Sweeney confirming the name change below.

“When I first started out properly with music, I was a 20-year-old girl named Siana with long, black hair to anyone who knew me. I came up with a stage name because no one could ever pronounce my actual name properly. That stage name was Seafoal. The music I wrote and released existed in the genre of acoustic folk. I put together cover versions of songs I loved from my favourite bands with my guitar, and uploaded videos of these to YouTube.

Nearly 4 years have gone by and I have grown dramatically as both an artist and a person, which, if you have followed my journey from the beginning, you’ve probably noticed this metamorphosis. Not long after my musical endeavours began, I set out on a personal one to be my authentic self – but what remained throughout all of these progressions, changes and growing pains was the pseudonym, Seafoal.

Today I am an out and proud non binary 23-year-old named Zander, with a little less hair (lmao haha lol). The music I love to make is of a dark, electro-pop vein. Basically, I haven’t felt like what I do (or am going to continue to do) artistically has connected with this pseudonym for a long time. When I first began as Seafoal and for a little while after, I was a kid with no real vision or sense of direction. That isn’t me anymore, thus I’d rather not affiliate this period too much with what I’m creating. ‘Seafoal’ has expired, and although I am grateful for the opportunities this period has granted me, it is time to move on.

All new music will be released under my new artist name: ZAND. All Seafoal songs will remain on Spotify and the like as normal. I still have some t-shirts left so will be selling these for £5 each on

Thank you for sticking with me and accepting me for who I am. I have so much love for you guys and I’m super excited to show you what I’ve been working on. I feel relieved and very positive about the future. – ZAND (Zander Sweeney).”

More details surrounding the future release and touring plans for ZAND will be confirmed as and when they develop.