NEWS: Scuzz TV to air Heavy Music Awards 2017; more judges join panel!

Following the appointment of alternative music channel Scuzz as the Broadcast Partner for the event, it has now been confirmed that they will be televising the first ever Heavy Music Awards (or, the HMAs).

The Sony owned channel will the air the inaugural event that takes place in London on August 24th 2017, and will build up to the ceremony with a series of one-hour finalist’s shows.

Alex Herron, the Senior Channel Manager at Sony Pictures Entertainment, has worked in music TV for over ten years producing music artist content and overseeing several channels including Scuzz, and has said regarding the partnership, “It’s great to see an independent initiative such as the HMAs added to the rock eco-system.”

The HMAs co-founder Andy Pritchard also added, “The HMAs team has worked hard to build a judging panel of over 100 industry heavyweights that offers a true cross-section of heavy music in 2017 – but the winners are ultimately going to be decided by the fans, and that is what makes the HMAs such an exciting journey. This partnership with Scuzz will give viewers a timely reminder of the finalists, in addition to the best of the action from the big night on the UK’s finest heavy music TV station. Everyone involved with the scheme stands to benefit from the huge exposure offered by this deal. We are absolutely delighted to have Scuzz on-board with the HMAs.”

Along with news of the event being televised across the Scuzz TV network, a further batch of judges from various corners and sectors across the music industry have joined the panel. All of the latest additions are listed below:

Jessica Acreman (Universal Music Group)
Mark Adams (Kerrang! TV)
Matt Akana (Century Media Records)
Haaris Bambi Ali (Public City PR)
Mark Andrews (Pro Wrestler)
Tim Bailey (MJR Group)
Alex Baker (Kerrang! Radio)
David Ball (CAA)
Emma Banks (CAA)
Adam Bantz (Global Production Management)
Si Barbour-Brown (Sharper Group)
Duff Battye (Duff Press)
Will Beardmore (Warner Music)
Jim Beerman (TotalRock)
Olivier Behzadi (Gibson Guitars)
Luke Bell (Freelance)
Simon Binns (The LAD Bible)
Ajay Bisset (Designer)
Ben Bowers (Tour Manager)
Derek Brewer (The Manifest Group)
Mercedes Brown (Sony Music)
Renae Brown (Association of Independent Festivals)
Tom Brumpton (Polymath PR)
Roberto Bua (Twickets)
Adam Thomas Bulleid (Universal Music Group)
Lee Burgess (Thirty Century Management)
Ian Camfield (Alt AZ 93.3)
Barry Campbell (JABA Music)
George Cappellini Jr. (G&G Management)
George Cappellini Sr. (G&G Management)
Jamie Carter (Warner Music)
James Cassidy (JABA Music)
Damien Chamard Boudet (Live Nation France / Download Festival (Paris))
Arun Chamba (Shazam)
Peu Cheung (ADA / Warner Music (UK))
Donnay Clancy (The Noise Cartel)
Nathan Clark (Complete Tours)
Hayley Clarke (Somethin’ Else)
Mel Clarke (DJ / Model)
Andy Clayton (Coda Agency)
Hayley Codd (Public City PR)
Ian Collins (Ian Collins Photography)
Natalie Conway (High Road Publicity)
Jordan Cooper (Moth Lights)
Jenny Cotter (The Noise Cartel)
Corinne Cumming (Captured By Corinne)
Christian D’Acuña (The O2)
Tom Dark (Warner Music)
Smiley Dave (DJ / Presenter)
Ben Davis (Ben Davis Touring)
Emma Davis (CAA)
Jack Davis (Uprawr)
Thea de Gallier (Freelance)
Filipe de Melo (Tour Manager / Sound Engineer)
Andrew Dex (Stencil Magazine)
Romesh Dodangoda (Producer)
James Lee Dowell (Pro Wrestler)
Tom Doyle (Freelance)
Jenny Entwistle (Chuff Media)
Aislinn Fairbanks (Fairbanks Endorsements)
Shaun Faulkner (X-Ray Touring)
Matt Feldman (Iron Management)
Lewis Felstead (Uprawr)
Kieron Fensome (GuitarGuitar)
Edward Fenwick (Firebrand)
Karen Fossey (ITB)
Callum Galbraith (Universal Music Group)
James Gall (Fire and Air)
Simon Gallacher (Braveheart Production & Touring)
Anthony Giannaccini (Wilful Publicity)
James Gilby (UHub)
Kris Gill (Photographer)
Hannah Gillicker (Hold Tight! PR)
Sian Hainsworth (Freelance)
Joshua James Halling (Photographer)
Mike Hamer (KOKO)
Kamran Haq (CMH Live)
Sara Harding (Silver Bullet Entertainment)
Dan Hardingham (Earache Records)
Mark Haskins (Pro Wrestler)
Jimmy Havoc (Pro Wrestler)
Jo Headland (Freelance)
Lucy Hellings (Earache Records)
Mike Helmsley (Pledge Music)
Fergal Holmes (Factory Music)
Jessica Hope Bridgeman (Freelance)
Dan Hudson (Freelance)
Matthew Hughes (Devil PR)
Gus Hully (Official Charts Company)
Alex Irons (Total Rock)
James Isaacs (Blackfinch Design)
Mark James (Devil PR)
Mike James (Total Rock)
Martin Jarvis (Fresh Start Management & Agency)
Josh Javor (X-Ray Touring)
Chris Jericho (WWE)
Bob Johnsen (5B Artist Management)
Ian Johnsen (Thirty Century Management)
Jrock (Freelance)
Jan-Philip Katzbach (Wizard Promotions)
Adrian Kelly (NMA Management)
Sam Kelly-Wallace (Jackson Guitars / Charvel Guitars)
Jo Kendall (Freelance)
Joe Kettle (Red Bull Records)
Tina Korhonen (Photographer)
Gary Lancaster (Eleven Seven Music)
Christopher Lee (Punktastic)
Michele Livings (Total Rock)
Luke Logemann (Unified)
John Longbottom (Freelance)
Danny Lovett (Firebrand)
Tori Lucion (Raging Demon Entertainment)
Tom Lynam (Tone Management)
Hans Maes (Groezrock Festival)
Libby Maguire (LD Communications)
Xander Mahony (Total Rock)
Bex Majors (UTA)
Mike Marques (Photographer)
Steve Marsh (Mascot Label Group)
Lais Martins Waring (LD Communications)
Matt Mason (Total Rock)
Stooart May (Face Down)
Rob McDermott (Mad Mac Entertainment)
Alex McGinnis (10 and 8 Management)
Jason McGuire (Hard Rock Hell Radio)
Jack McGurran (Rocket Music)
Lynsey McKay (Eccentric Gent Organisation)
Mekk Menne (Avocado Booking)
Mike Milford (Rise Records)
Emma Milzani (Academy Events)
Laura Moat (ADA)
Tijs Mondalaers (Groezrock Festival)
Jim Morewood (Eccentric Gent Organisation)
Adam Mott (AJM Management)
Joe Naan (Live Nation)
Ant Niinemäe (Criminal Damage)
Jeppe Nissen (Live Nation Denmark / Copenhell Festival)
Lauren Novik (KROQ)
Eliza-Jane Oliver (AEG Presents)
Drew Omrod (Drew Paul Photography)
Jamie Osman (Red Light Management)
Angela Owen (Devil PR)
Jack Parker (All Things Loud)
Ben Patashnik (Unified)
Dom Patience (Chalk Ink)
Tom Pennington (AEG Presents)
Ryan Penty (Coda Agency)
Josh Phillips (Warner Music)
Nathan Barley Phillips (Basick Records / Hold Tight! PR / Association of Independent Music)
Thomas Pieper (Continental Concerts)
Lee Puddefoot (Mascot Label Group)
Dave Rajan (Parlophone)
Mark Rawlings (EMP)
Lauren Reading-Gloversmith (Inception Press & Management)
Leander Reading-Gloversmith (KMGMT)
Sue Reinhardt (Eleven Seven Music)
Ian Rendall (All About Live)
Josh Retallick (Old Empire)
Sarika Joanna Rice (Old Empire / Desertfest)
Andy Richardson (Factory Music)
Simon Robinson (Tour Manager)
Erik Ron (Producer)
Zoya Rossi (DHP)
Ollie Route (Scuzz TV)
Daniel Rubin (Element 1 Music)
Sean Ryman (Academy Events)
Tina Saul (Total Rock)
Adam Saunders (X-Ray Touring)
Chloe Scannapieco (Freelance)
Iain Scott (The Dome / Boston Music Room)
Kennerdeigh Scott (Kennerdeigh Scott Photography)
Ed Sellers (Primary Talent International)
Curtis Sharkey (LD Communications)
Amit Sharma (Freelance)
Daniel Shepard (Live Nation)
Paul Shuff (Freelance)
Navrin Sidhu (Hopeless Records)
Phoebe Sinclair (Warner Music)
Jim Smallman (Progress Wrestling)
Andy Sneap (Freelance)
Tom Stabb (Sony Music)
Yerry Stetter (Eccentric Gent Organisation)
Matt Stocks (Life In The Stocks)
Nick Storch (Artist Group International)
Adrian Storry (DJ / Promoter)
Steve Strange (X-Ray Touring)
Max Such (Freelance)
Beckie Sugden (X-Ray Touring)
Trevor Swenson (Artery Global)
Ben Tipple (Ticketmaster Blog)
Dan Tobin (Earache Records)
Darren Toms (Spinefarm Records)
Paul Towers (Impericon)
Sarah Valentine (Nuclear Blast Records)
Ted Wakefield (Tour Manager)
Jen Walker (Freelance)
Marco Walzel (Avocado Booking)
Ben Ward (UTA)
Seven Webster (7PM Management)
Dean Whittaker (Imperial Music)
Becky Williams (LD Communications)
Tony Wilson (Total Rock)
Michelle Wood (Songkick)

Public voting for the event will open from May 22nd 2017. The winners of each category are then set to be announced at a ceremony to be held in London on August 24th 2017, with more details surrounding this to be confirmed soon.

You can find out more about the Heavy Music Awards over on the official website (here).

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