NEWS: Royal Blood tease new details of their second album!

Following a recent interview, and the release of some footage from the studio, it’s beginning to look like the follow-up to Royal Blood‘s 2014 self-titled album is well underway.

Speaking with DIY, the Brighton two-piece discussed their approach to their long overdue second album.

In an excerpt taken from the piece, the band comment, “Looking back, we probably should’ve taken a bit more of a break! We literally got a flight in from America when we were last over there, and then went straight back into our little rehearsal space and started writing.

It’s hard to be in the moment and take all of those things in when it’s going on, but as soon as it stopped, it was time to reflect. The moment we came off the road, it was like, ‘Shit, what was that all about?!’ You don’t really realise that until you stop. We allowed that time to reflect, but also think about what we wanted to do next, and why we wanted to do it.”

The band also released a teaser on Twitter. The studio footage was posted earlier in the week alongside the caption “This is us then, where are you now?”

Yes, that’s two drum kits at the end. Two.

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