NEWS: Rise To Remain disband; remaining members form new band, As Lions!

British metallers Rise To Remain have announced that they have split. Following the departures of drummer Adam Lewin and guitarist Ben Tovey, the band decided to start afresh entirely, all of which is explained by frontman Austin Dickinson in a statement below:

‘It’s with a mixture of sadness and excitement that we reveal to everybody that Rise To Remain is no more. We travelled the world with this band, and, because of the people who supported us, managed to achieve so many things we never thought possible. Living the dream, in many cases, is not enough to hold it all together when the band is not stable, and after putting together the second record, Adam told us he was in a place where he felt the pressure of the album and the upcoming cycle and couldn’t continue, leading Ben to quit music altogether.

To continue the band at this point, with as many lineup changes as it’s had, with the two original members being Will and myself, seems pointless.”

As Lions is the new band that Will, Conor and I have been working on since early last year. We wanted to take our time with it and build the material to the point where we knew we could burn the place to the ground. This is that time.’

The future plans and tour dates for As Lions are expected soon.