NEWS: RedHook cover ‘Guerrilla Radio’ by Rage Against The Machine!

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To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Rage Against The Machine‘s GRAMMY award-winning single, ‘Guerrilla Radio’, Sydney’s RedHook have recorded and released their cover of it.

Vocalist Emmy Mack spoke further on the song, why they covered it, what it meant to her when she first heard it, and how she feels about its message and its relevance today.

“When I was a kid and first heard this song, it changed everything for me. Rage became my gateway drug to the worlds of both metal and rap. The powerful message behind the music is just as relevant now as it was in 1999 when ‘The Battle Of Los Angeles’ first dropped. Injustice, inequality, and abuse of power are still rampant. Our political systems are corrupted by big business and vested interests at almost every turn, and even in the face of the freedom of information brought on by the internet age, the wealthy puppet masters who control the mass media still exert a terrifying amount of influence over the democratic process. Not to mention, the planet is dying! We have a lot to be concerned and angry about.

We didn’t want to try to copy what Rage did. Nobody could ever hope to replicate de la Rocha’s swagger or Tom Morello’s pioneering guitar solos, so we did our own thing. I even tweaked some of the lyrics in verse two to reflect something that was really pissing me off at the time we tracked it – the NSW Government’s protracted war on music and youth culture. I hope Zack, Tom, Tim, and Brad don’t mind!”

You can check out the video that accompanies their cover of ‘Guerrilla Radio’ below.

If you fancy listening to the original version by Rage Against The Machine, you can stream it here.

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