NEWS: Real Friends drop two new songs, ‘Nervous Wreck’ & ‘Storyteller’!

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Real Friends have just dropped two new songs, ‘Nervous Wreck’ and ‘Storyteller’, the band’s first offerings with their newly recruited vocalist, Cody Muraro (ex-Youth Fountain).

‘Nervous Wreck’ has also been released with an accompanying video, and this is what bassist Kyle Fasel had to say about it.

“‘Nervous Wreck’ was inspired by the isolation I’ve experienced over the last year. Before COVID hit, I was making strides to get out of my introverted ways. All of those strides were quickly erased when the world flipped upside down. I’ve often been so introverted that some people take it the wrong way, like I’m mean or something. When in reality, I’ve just developed some social anxiety as I get older. The lyrics of the song point to me being out of my own skin when around other people, and even feeling out of place when I’m by myself. There’s not really a resolution to the song. It’s very much about being in the midst of all those complicated feelings. Having a new singer in the mix can be a hard challenge to overcome, but ‘Nervous Wreck’ still fully embodies the spirit of Real Friends. It fits Cody’s voice perfectly. I remember recording it and thinking this is exactly what Real Friends is. This track is very special to me.”

You can check out ‘Nervous Wreck’ and ‘Storyteller’ below.

Both tracks are expected to appear on the band’s yet-to-be-announced fourth album and follow-up to 2018’s ‘Composure’.

More details will be confirmed as they develop.

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