NEWS: Rage Against The Machine tease potential reunion with #TakeThePowerBack countdown!

It is believed that politically charged metal unit Rage Against The Machine are teasing towards a potential reunion, following a mysterious countdown going live last night (May 17th 2016) on a newly created website named Prophets of Rage (here), accompanied with the hashtag #TakeThePowerBack, which is also the title of the band’s 1992 track.

The countdown is set to end on June 1st 2016 and, though the band had originally reunited back in 2007 and since then haven’t officially disbanded, playing a handful of select shows during that time, they performed their last show in 2011. Since then the band have been on a hiatus, with as of yet no plans to perform again or to release new material.

You can check out the poster that is being spread online below:

Along with a social presence buzzing off the back of this, posters with the link and tag have also been spotted in various locations across the band’s home town of Los Angeles, California, and famous LA radio station KROQ has started spreading the news of this countdown as well.

Though the title of the hashtag is a popular Rage Against The Machine, ‘Prophets Of Rage’ may also be referring to the 1988 Public Enemy song of the same name.

More news surrounding this will be confirmed over the coming weeks leading up to the end of the countdown.