NEWS: Radiohead leak ‘OK Computer’ demos after alleged hack ransom!

Credit: Promo

British rockers Radiohead were recently the victims of an alleged hack, where someone has somehow got a hold of hours of demo material from the sessions of their 1997 full-length, ‘OK Computer’.

According to a statement issued by the band earlier today (which you can read below), the hacker obtained the cache of 18 hours of unreleased and hidden material from frontman Thom Yorke‘s minidisk and blackmailed the band with a ransom of $150,000 on threat of releasing it to the public.

The band have combated the threat by making it officially available to download from their Bandcamp profile at the price of £18, with proceeds being donated to Extinction Rebellion.

As stated above, there’s roughly 18 hours worth of material here (some of the tracks being over an hour each on their own), but die-hards can get a hold of it over on for a limited time only.