NEWS: RADAR Festival 2021 cancelled; rescheduled for 2022!

Unfortunately, like most festivals this year, RADAR Festival have regrettably been forced to cancel their 2021 event and postpone it to go ahead in 2022 instead.

The postponement comes as a result of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which saw the festival originally scheduled for July 2020 to be pushed back to October 2020, then again to July 2021, and now once more to 2022.

The organisers of the festival issued a statement regarding the decision, which you can read below.

“An Apology

We are sorry that we have been quiet recently. RADAR Festival 2021 is fast approaching and we have again had to take the decision to postpone the festival another year to 2022. Previously when we were forced to postpone, we had done it with a full line-up announcement. We have been working on this behind-the-scenes, but we are aware that people may start booking flights and paying for accommodation and we were unable to get that over the line this time.

However, there will be news soon. More of that later in this announcement…

RADAR 2.0 – July 2021

Sadly, we are still unable to guarantee that we can hold our event this year.

This is due to a mixture of international flight uncertainty and the continued situation that UK festivals find themselves in – without event cancellation insurance in the UK. We had only just started our ambitious journey into the world of festivals and we just can’t afford to take the risk without insurance – it may scupper the future of the whole festival beyond this pandemic.

Additionally, there is no guarantee at this moment that we can hold a full capacity event. We are big believers in the atmosphere of a packed room, so this is something we cannot compromise.

Our trade body, the Association for Independent Festivals, has been working hard on our collective industry behalf and fighting our corner, but help from the government, although seemingly on the way, has not yet been forthcoming in time for us to plan safely.

We also don’t want to hold a festival without our wonderful international visitors and acts being able to guarantee their attendance.

In a world of Zooms, we recognise their usefulness in keeping us connected but we want to be able to stand next to you and watch the incredible shows that we’re putting together.

RADAR 2.0 – July 2022 – Three days of progressive music!

As detailed, we are postponing RADAR 2.0 to 2022. We will be adding an additional day, to become a three-day event and we can announce that our new dates are 29 / 30 / 31 July 2022.

We are in the process of rebooking and expect to keep a lot of our existing lineup, although there will be some inevitable amendments. Once we know – we’ll let you know.”

Next year’s RADAR Festival will take place on July 29th-31st 2022 in Guildford, Surrey.

More details will be confirmed as they develop.