NEWS: Prophets Of Rage share new song, ‘Made With Hate’!

Credit: Promo

Seemingly working on their second album and follow-up to their 2017 self-titled debut, Prophets Of Rage have just unveiled ‘Made With Hate’, the band’s first new song in over a year.

On the what inspired the track, co-vocalist Chuck D shared the following.

“As with many songs, ‘Made With Hate’ was formed out of a conversation amongst ourselves about the level of passion fuel it takes to create. Especially when attacking something of hate. You must create the energy to hate ‘hate’. To have peace you have to despise hatred with a passion for peace and attack it. You can’t have hate take over anything especially history, so you have to fuel yourself to attack in thought word and deed with equal passion.”

You can stream and check out ‘Made With Hate’ below.

More details surrounding the band’s second album will be confirmed as it develops.

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