NEWS: Periphery song ‘Flatline’ blamed in attempted murder case!

Credit: Josefa Torres

It’s nothing new to hear that a heavy band has been accused of causing someone to commit an act of violence and/or horrific crime, and sadly it appears that djent/progressive metal outfit Perpihery are the latest choice of scapegoat in Australian news recently.

In an ongoing trial at NSW District Court, 26-year-old Evie Amati in January 2017 went to a 7-11 store in Enmore, Sydney and allegedly attacked three people with an axe, all of whom survived.

It is alleged that Ms. Amati strolled into the convenience store at approximately 2:19AM with an axe, and used it to hit a man in the face and a woman in the back of the head. The Crown said she then swung the axe at another man after leaving the store.

Australian news website have reported (you can read their full report here) that Crown prosecutor Daniel McMahon opened his case by pointing out that Amati had been listening to Periphery‘s song ‘Flatline’ prior to the attack, describing it as featuring “some pretty dark themes.”

The report goes on to list Amanti‘s various alleged mental health struggles around the time of the incident, including alleged issues with gender dysphoria and depression. She is also alleged to have made generalised threats via social media prior to the attack.

Following the report of the incident being published, Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb and vocalist Spencer Sotelo responded to the story and their music being blamed for the incident, with Sotelo explicitly explaining that the song’s meaning is about “anti bullying” and “anti suicide.”

A fan of the band has also shared how the song has helped them with these difficult topics.

You can listen to the song ‘Flatline’ below, which features on the band’s latest full-length album, ‘Periphery III: Select Difficulty’.