NEWS: Pendulum announce remix competition!

Pendulum and Warner Bros. Records can confirm details of a new creative competition held in conjunction with Juno Download and SoundCloud. It offers the chance for one talented remixer to win a one in a lifetime chance for their remix of Pendulum’s new single ‘The Island’ to be released by Warner Bros. Records.

The competition is to be launched on September 20th. The winning remix will be selected by Pendulum‘s Rob Swire and Warner Bros. Records‘ A&R team, and will be released with full promotional and marketing support by the label. In addition to earning a royalty, the winner will also collect £500 cash, £150 worth of Juno Download vouchers and a £150 SoundCloud Pro account. The direct link to the competition page is: Four runners-up will each receive a SoundCloud Lite account and £50 worth of Juno Download vouchers.

Once the competition opens, entrants can download the thirteen separate parts of Pendulum‘s original track from Juno from which they can create their remix with their preferred music software package. Upon completion, the finished remix will need to be uploaded as a 320kbps MP3 file to either Juno or SoundCloud by October 18th. The winning track will be announced that same day, with the single’s release to follow by the close of the year.