NEWS: Parkway Drive to headline Bloodstock Festival 2019!

Credit: Promo

Those in attendance at last night’s (February 2nd 2019) headline show at Alexandra Palace heard it straight from the horse’s mouth – Aussie metalcore kings Parkway Drive will headline this year’s Bloodstock Festival.

The band will close off the main stage on the Saturday date of the festival, joining already confirmed headliners Sabaton and Scorpions.

Speaking to Kerrang!, frontman Winston McCall had this to say about the band’s first festival headline appearance in the UK.

“I’m stoked! It’s really, really awesome. The festival has been growing from strength to strength to strength – it has such an awesome reputation. I’ve never even had the chance to go to it, so it’s awesome. I’ve seen so many years in a row, people just going, ‘Festival of the year… Bloodstock!’ So, I’m like, ‘Fucking awesome!’ The fact we’ve been given the opportunity to be a headliner is humbling. I’ve said it for everything, but for us to get that far, it’s nice. The fact that we’re a new headliner for that festival, we’re an Australian band, and we’re still establishing ourselves, especially in that slot, is a big deal. It’s a really big deal for us. I have no problem in being asked to step up to the plate, and wanting to do that. I’m ready for it! I’m pretty sure everyone else doesn’t rock up not wanting to enjoy themselves, and I’m pretty damn certain you’re gonna have some fun at a Parkway headlining show.”

This year’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival will take place on August 8th-11th 2019 at Catton Park, Derby.

Tickets for the festival are on sale now, and can be purchased online from the official website (here).