NEWS: Parker Cannon (The Story So Far) jump kicks fan off stage in Toronto for taking selfie!

Whilst performing at their recent show at Toronto’s Mod Club Theatre on Sunday (April 10th 2016), Parker Cannon, vocalist for Californian pop-punk troupe The Story So Far, jump kicked a fan off of the stage who was taking a selfie in front of the band. The fan then fell into the crowd whilst the band continued to play their song, ‘High Regard’.

You can watch footage of the show and the fan being kicked by Cannon (which happens from 0:32 onwards) via the embedded video below:

Cannon was also involved in a similar incident in June of last year (here).

At the time of writing, there has been no statement or announcement of any sort from the band or an affiliated representative.

The band’s latest full-length effort, ‘The Story So Far’, is available now through Pure Noise Records.