NEWS: Paramore retire ‘Misery Business’ from live shows indefinitely!

Credit: Paramore - 'Misery Business' video still

Over the past few years, Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams has been pretty vocal on her feelings surrounding the band’s 2007 breakthrough single, ‘Misery Business’.

The song has been under some scrutiny from some people due to one of its lyrics, specifically the line, “Once a whore, you’re nothing more. / I’m sorry, that’ll never change.”

In a blog post from back in 2015 (you can read the full thing here), Williams explained that, several years later, she just no longer relates to the song and the message in its lyrics which she wrote back when she was 17-years-old, but that she’s not ashamed of its existence. If anything, it’s helped her to become a better person.

“‘Misery Business’ is not a set of lyrics that I relate to as a 26-year-old woman. I haven’t related to it in a very long time. Those words were written when I was 17… admittedly, from a very narrow-minded perspective. It wasn’t really meant to be this big philosophical statement about anything. It was quite literally a page in my diary about a singular moment I experienced as a high schooler.”

She’s also brought up her feelings on the song since then in a few interviews, and also in a couple of tweets last year when the song hit its 10-year anniversary.

Whilst performing a headline set at their inaugural Art + Friends event yesterday (September 7th 2018) at the Municipal Auditorium in their hometown of Nashville – a show which signalled the end of the ‘After Laughter’ album cycle – Williams announced just before performing the song that it’d be the last time that they will indefinitely.

Just before they began performing ‘Misery Business’ to the crowd, Williams said the following.

“Tonight, we’re playing this song for the last time for a really long time. This is a choice that we’ve made because we feel that we should. We feel like it’s time to move away from it for a little while.”

Some fan-shot footage has been uploaded online, showing the band performing the song at Art + Friends and in their live set for what will be (at least for now) the final time.

You can watch it below.

‘Misery Business’ was released on June 7th 2007, and featured on their sophomore full-length album ‘Riot!’ which was released shortly after on June 12th 2007.