NEWS: Panic! At The Disco release their own beer, IP!ATD!

Credit: Anthony Boyd Graphics

As if creating hooks aplenty and song that absolutely bop wasn’t quite enough, Las Vegas based pop-rock favourites Panic! At The Disco have now announced the release of their own brand of beer.

The band have teamed up with Asbury Park Brewery for their own American IPA, which they’ve appropriately named IP!ATD.

According to the description provided by the brewery, which they’ve fit to frontman Brendon Urie‘s requirements, the drink is “bold and earthy, like a West Coast IPA, but Juicy and citrusy, lIke an East Coast IPA.”

At the moment, IP!ATD is only intended to be available for a limited time on the band’s North America headline tour and from the brewery directly, but we can always hope for them to extend its availability.

More details can be found on the Asbury Park Brewery website (here).