NEWS: Palaye Royale to host livestream event for Black Lives Matter!

Credit: Promo

Palaye Royale have announced that they’ll be hosting a charity livestream event this weekend in an effort to raise aid for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The livestream is set to take place this weekend (June 5th-6th), with details of timing and which online platforms will be used yet to be confirmed. The group announced that all proceeds raised from the event will go to a variety of charities and organisations in support of Black Lives Matter.

The band have also momentarily stopped all promotion for their recently released album, ‘The Bastards’, to focus on “achieving justice and change”.

You can read the full statement below.

“May 29th was meant to be start of one of the most important weeks of our career thus far due to the release of our new album, ‘The Bastards’.

The record came out but due to the tragic events that have escalated in the United States and now the world we made the easy decision of switching all our focus, efforts and purpose to trying to make a small change by going to peaceful protest and stopping all promotion about our album to bring all attention to something much bigger than us. We are done with the racists agenda of America and have been for all our lives.

With this all being said we appreciate the love and support you all have shown towards Black Lives Matter. Your voices are loud, they are being heard – the movement can’t and won’t stop here. We need to be the change for all future generations to follow. Abolish hate, adopt love.

We are currently living through a moment where every single person must use their voice and platform to demand justice and stand up to inequality. At this time we will be postponing any content about ourselves and the album, only focusing on achieving justice and change! This must be talked about, we have the power for revolution. Choose love over hate, compassion over ego, kindness instead of racism. Treat each other with respect, help one another and stay safe.”

More details surrounding the livestream will be confirmed as they develop.