NEWS: Palaye Royale share new song, ‘Nightmares In Paradise’!

Credit: Promo

Rock trio Palaye Royale have shared a new song ‘Nightmares In Paradise’, which features on the soundtrack of the new TV series, ‘Paradise City’.

The song was actually the original version of the song ‘Nightmares’ from the band’s 2020 full-length, ‘The Bastards’, as frontman Remington Leith explains.

“This was the actual original version of the song “Nightmares” before we decided to take it in a different direction for The Bastards release. You can see where our heads were first at. This song is about trying to make the best of fighting off your demons and embracing the issues you have and wearing them on your sleeve.”

You can check out ‘Nightmares In Paradise’ below.

The ‘Paradise City’ TV series is available to watch via Amazon Prime.