NEWS: Palaye Royale drop two new singles, ‘Punching Bag’ & ‘No Love In LA’!

Credit: Promo

Las Vegas based trio Palaye Royale have just dropped two new singles, ‘Punching Bag’ and ‘No Love In LA’.

Here’s what the band had to say on this new material.

“Truth, honesty, and angst is what we aimed to capture collectively as a band throughout this writing process. We found a new appreciation for one another during this recording process, becoming more accepting of our past and more satisfied with our present because of the art we created in what we feel is our most important music we’ve released to date.

Palaye Royale has always been about pushing boundaries, and on ‘Punching Bag’ and ‘No Love In LA’ we’ve gone beyond what we ever thought possible musically and lyrically by putting faith in each other, trusting our instincts and allowing real creative freedom to ourselves and our producer, Chris Greatti. It is with massive excitement and feelings of triumph that we raise the curtain on what is most certainly our boldest era yet. We hope you’re ready for the journey.”

You can check out both ‘Punching Bag’ and ‘No Love In LA’ below.