NEWS: Pagan have their gear stolen in Melbourne!

Credit: Andrew Basso

Following a successful stint across Europe and the UK over the past few weeks, Australian punks Pagan have faced a massive stroke of bad luck back home with their gear being stolen.

The band’s bassist, Dan Bonnici, posted the news of their gear being stolen from his car whilst it was parked outside of his house in Brunswick East, Melbourne, and states that this will have happened between June 1st and June 3rd.

The items stolen from his vehicle include his customised bass guitar and the band’s customised neon light replica of the Pagan logo – both being in their own respective flight cases.

You can read the post made by Bonnici which includes a more thorough description and images of what was stolen from his car below.

“At some point between Saturday afternoon and today, two cases have been stolen from my car parked outside of my house in Brunswick East. One containing my bass and once containing our beloved neon cross. Blame it on jet lag or just complacency, but I completely forgot these items were still in my car and I believe that I’ve accidentally left it unlocked. I know that was stupid and I feel like a fucking idiot.

The bass is an Arctic White Fender Precision Bass (Made in Mexico). It’s “unique” in that the pickups have been replaced with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickups and I’ve put a tortoise shell red pick guard on it. See the picture below. It was in a black hard case. I don’t remember the brand.

The other case was a heavy duty GigGear brand flight case that contained a 1m x .5m pink neon light replica of the Pagan cross logo (as well as a remote, power supply and some of Xave Santilli’s clothes). It’s worth nothing to anyone other than our band. Also pictured below. The flight case was made custom to fit the neon light.

I’m sure the chances are slim, but if anyone sees, hears or knows anything, please contact either myself or the band directly. I don’t care about anything other than getting these very dear possessions back. This sucks.”

As outlined in Bonnici‘s post above, if anyone has any information or details on the whereabouts of the above equipment and items, they’re encouraged to reach out to him and/or the band directly.

You can contact the band directly via Facebook (here), Twitter (here), Instagram (here), and email (here).