NEWS: OVTLIER share video for ‘Bulletproof’!

Credit: Promo

Up-and-comers OVTLIER have now shared a video to accompany ‘Bulletproof’, the latest single to come from the quintet.

The video debuted via Decibel Magazine, and this is what vocalist Joey Arena had to say of the song.

“We live in an age where everything has become politicized; from image to virus. I have watched both bands and people label and segregate one another solely based on a difference of not character but opinion. We are force-fed so much false information by the media, although many are aware, we still have lost some humanity.

I look forward to the day people can look to grey area and realize there’s more to it all. ‘Bulletproof’ is a call to my fellow man to remove the veils and look into the grey. These corrupt politicians are playing you. I don’t care what side you stand on or what biased feelings you hold to your “party”… our “leaders” don’t want unity, for that becomes a threat to their agenda. I’m fed up. I want the old model to fall so we can build in its stead. It’s time for change and that starts with us.”

You can check out ‘Bulletproof’ and its video below.