NEWS: OVTLIER release new song, ‘Who We Are’!

Credit: Promo

Rochester, New York based metalcore outfit OVTLIER have just released a new song called ‘Who We Are’.

Vocalist Joey Arena had this to say about the track.

“‘Who We Are’ will hold a special place in the OVTLIER arsenal. A song that skims the surface of a personal hell; I have swept a lot of childhood trauma under the rug and just kept it moving throughout life. It feels damn near impossible to trust or let anyone in so I keep everyone at arms length. Something I am currently working on and because I am determined to re-wire some of my perception pertaining to that, I look forward to the day this song is only artefact to a past self. Everything we go through starting with day no. 1 is what shapes us into “who we are”.”

You can check out ‘Who We Are’ below.

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain whether or not the track will feature on a forthcoming album or EP.