NEWS: Odessa announce that they have called it a day!

Hardcore up and comers Odessa have announced that they have decided to split only three years into their career. The band released a statement explaining the split, which you can read below.

‘It’s not easy to say and it breaks my heart to tell you all that Odessa has come to an end. We feel as a band that this is as far as it will go and continuing doing what we are doing will just ruin it. We can’t thank you guys enough for sticking by us through thick and thin over the past 5 years and allowing us to do the things that we have. Without you we’d never have been to half the countries we have or played with bands that we all look up to. All the promoters and booking agents we’ve worked with. Graham Clews at Artery, Toyan at Ghost Music, Adam Foster at Eternal Sound Music, Carl Sewell at Transcend and everyone else that’s worked along side us. We will give Odessa the send off it deserves for one last show in Birmingham when Rich is recovered from his operation.

Rich, Conor, Gary, Tom & Simon

The band’s debut full length ‘Carry The Weight’ is out now on Ghost Music.