NEWS: Ocean Grove debut new single, ‘Junkie$’!

Credit: Promo

Most of 2019 has been relatively quiet for Australian nu-metal outfit, Ocean Grove, but now the band have just released a video for their brand new single, ‘Junkie$’.

This is what frontman Dale Tanner had to say about the track.

“‘Junkie$’ is the jet-fuelled counterpart to our latest single ‘Ask For The Anthem’. Written from the very same studio session mojo back in early 2019, this song was always intended to be the follow-up track to ‘Ask For The Anthem’, both lyrically and instrumentally reaffirming the notion that we are who we are – scars and all – and that listeners should come to expect the unexpected with Ocean Grove – always.

We address this song to all our fans, our so-called “Junkies”, to embrace the Oddworld and to taste the new flavour. ‘Junkie$’ is our unapologetic anthem that we were going to deliver whether you asked for it or not. Cop it!”

You can listen to and check out the video for ‘Junkie$’ below.

The band are expected to release a sophomore full-length and follow-up to 2017’s ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’ next year, more details of which will follow in the coming weeks.

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