NEWS: New Years Day channel American Psycho in video for ‘Shut Up’!

Credit: Hristo Shindov

Fresh from the release of their new record, ‘Unbreakable’, Californian gothic rockers New Years Day have just shared an American Psycho influenced video for their song ‘Shut Up’.

In the video, vocalist Ash Costello plays the role of Patrick Bateman, the main character and serial psychopath from the 2000 horror.

This is what she had to say about the track and its video.

“When we recorded the song ‘Shut Up’ I knew right then and there, on that day, straight away, what I wanted to do if we were ever to make a music video for it. It came to me immediately. So when the time came and ‘Shut Up’ was chosen for a music video, I was thrilled because it meant that I’d get to make my vision come to life, which was to recreate one of my favorite horror movies of all time, American Psycho.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Shut Up’ below.

The band’s fourth album, ‘Unbreakable’, is set for release on April 26th 2019 via RED Music.

You can order the album online from the band’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).