NEWS: New Internet band The Quarantined dropping songs daily!

A great deal of us across the world are self-isolating and spending most of our days indoors due to coronavirus crisis, but some members of us are being a little more creative than others.

Appropriately naming themselves The Quarantined, the newly formed Internet band sees I Set My Friends On Fire guitarist Nate Blasdell and Alex Sayti of Shoot The Girl First come together to challenge themselves at writing, recording, and producing a new song every day whilst in self-isolation.

This is what Blasdell had to say of the project.

“In light of not having a job through this social distancing period, I’ve decided to take advantage of having a home studio and challenge myself to start a new project called “The Quarantined” with my boy Alex from Shoot The Girl First – that specifically records a song a day for every day we’re shutdown. It’s deathcore, everything is self recorded, and we will be featuring numerous vocalists. We’ll be posting a song a day.

Everything will be available for free. Keep in mind, self produced, written, and recorded on a day turn around, things won’t be perfect, but hopefully we’ll be able to provide some entertainment and humor for ya’ll while we’re all social distancing.”

Each song will feature a guest vocalist from another band, and you can give the first six daily tracks a listen below, which feature Felix Fröhlich (ex-Annisokay), Alex Sayti (Shoot The Girl First), Matt Mehana (I Set My Friends On Fire), Tommy Sciro (Kissing Cadence) and Logan Adams (Eternal Void), and Sean Richmond (Arsonists Get All The Girls) respectively.

All tracks can also be streamed and downloaded from Bandcamp.