NEWS: Ned Flanders themed metal band Okilly Dokilly release debut album, ‘Howdilly Doodilly’!

It goes without saying that Ned Flanders, the loathed neighbour of Homer Simpson from The Simpsons, would not be an obvious choice of fictional character to inspire a metal band, yet that’s exactly what Phoenix outfit Okilly Dokilly are – a Ned Flanders themed metal band.

The outfit have just dropped their debut full-length record, titled ‘Howdilly Doodilly’, which takes this source of inspiration to places we never thought it could go.

You can check out the album artwork, full track listing, a stream for the video for lead single ‘White Wine Spritzer’, and links to stream and/or purchase the release below:

01.) White Wine Spritzer [video]
02.) Flanderdoodles
03.) Vegetables
04.) Nothing At All
05.) You’re A Jerk
06.) Sacrifice
07.) Press Destruct Button
08.) More Animal Than Flan
09.) They Warned Me
10.) Donut Hell
11.) Panic Room
12.) Godspeed Little Doodle
13.) All That Is Left

You can stream the full album now straight from the band’s official BandCamp page (here), and Spotify (here).

It’s also available to purchase online from BigCartel (here), BandCamp (here), and iTunes (here).