NEWS: Neck Deep involved in security brawl; stop Nottingham show mid-set!

Credit: Promo

After performing only two songs into their set at Nottingham’s Rock City this evening (October 9th 2017), it is reported that pop-punk outfit Neck Deep were forced to stop their headline show due to altercations with security staff employed at the venue.

Though none of the parties involved have released official statements themselves as to what occurred, according to eyewitness reports currently being shared and spread across social media, it is alleged that the incident began when a fan crowdsurfed to the front and was then aggressively handled by a member of security.

Sources state that the situation then escalated extremely quickly, resulting in members of the band and their touring crew getting involved to cease manhandling the crowdsurfer, and ultimately resulted in the band bringing their set to a close early.

You can see a fan-shot video as to some of the events that transpired in the altercation between the security staff, members of the band, and fans.

Once the brawl came to an end and the band and crew left the stage, fans began singing and chanting, hoping for Neck Deep to return and finish their set. Frontman Ben Barlow returned to the stage alone to speak with the crowd, in which he said, “Yo. Show’s fucking over. Security fucked it. There was a fight. Show’s over.”

Further video footage has also been shared from one of the concert attendees, showing Barlow apologising to a group of fans for the abrupt and unintentional end to their show.

A series of other eyewitness accounts as to what happened that have been shared on Twitter are listed below.

More news surrounding the events that transpired, including official statements from any of the parties directly involved, will be confirmed as it develops.