NEWS: My Chemical Romance announce their return!

Ever since their split back in 2013, fans have been dealing with the loss of My Chemical Romance from their lives by yearning for their return, and now their wish has finally come true.

That’s right, My Chemical Romance have now announced their long-awaited return with the news of what will be the band’s first show together in almost seven years.

It’ll take place Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, California on December 20th 2019, and though no other dates have been finalised yet, it’s almost certain that 2020 will see more show confirmations, including some form of extension over into the UK and mainland Europe.

Along with this, they’ve also released a series of images and logos onto their social accounts, including a new band logo and a further four separate images, each with their own name accompanying them – ‘Clarity’, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Courage’, and ‘Devotion’ – which you can look at below.

Of course, in their ever-cryptic fashion, the band are keeping close to their chest what these could mean, but one theory is that the four different images and their respective titles are the names of new songs, likely to be issued out as stand alone songs or in the form of an EP.

It’s also been noted that next year will mark the tenth anniversary of the band’s fourth and final full-length album, ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’.

More details will be confirmed as this develops.