NEWS: Moorhaven release video for new song, ‘Land Of Lies’!

Credit: Promo

Plymouth based metalcore newcomers Moorhaven have just released a video to accompany ‘Land Of Lies’, the band’s brand new single.

Guitarist Lewis Gerry has explained the song’s meaning and message.

“The first lyric we wrote for Land of Lies was that refrain in the chorus: ‘I’ll always catch you when you fall’. I thought it would be cool to have a bit of a lyrical juxtaposition between the fast, intense verses and the big, melodic chorus. So Steve (vocals) wrote these great lyrics around a theme of social media and the dangers it presents – the verse lyrics are a lot more accusatory and frustrated, directed at people who perpetuate this unobtainable image of perfection online, whereas as the track builds to the chorus the lyrics become more understanding and supportive.

The message to take away is kind of that we’re all these messy, flawed, complicated, sometimes ugly, sometimes pretty people, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to have (or appear to have) a perfect life, because there will be people there for you when things get tough.”

You can stream and check out the video for ‘Land Of Lies’ below.

The band’s new EP, ‘Daydreamer’, is set to be released later this year.