NEWS: Metallica’s livestream on Twitch gets censored!

Credit: Promo

Metallica performed a livestream of ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ for the opening day of the annual BlizzCon yesterday (February 19th 2021), but things didn’t go as planned via Twitch.

Though the stream hosted via YouTube went ahead without a hitch, the stream through Twitch very quickly got censored in an effort to avoid a DMCA takedown, replacing the audio of their performance with generic royalty-free music instead.

According to a report published via Eurogamer, this only occurred on the Twitch Gaming channel and not on other Twitch channels, such as Blizzard‘s own.

You can check out when the transition happens in the affected Twitch stream, which was in place for the remainder of the performance below.

If you wanted to catch what it was meant to sound like, uninterrupted or censored, here you go.