NEWS: Members of Stray From The Path and Stick To Your Guns form new band, Trade Wind!

Stray From The Path‘s Tom Williams and Stick To Your GunsJesse Barnett have come together to form new a new band called Trade Wind. Read Tom’s statement about the new venture below:

‘Let’s start a band!

If the poorest person in the world was given a dollar for every time this sentence was spoken, this person would make Bill Gates seem like a beggar. If this same person was given a dollar for every time people actually followed through then perhaps he or she could get by in upper middle class neighborhood. But, If the poorest person in the world were given a dollar for every time this sentence was spoken and followed through by two people who are already in 2 different different full time bands from opposite sides of the country, then this poor bastard would be worse off than before. However this is not the case for Trade Wind, the secret love child of Tom Williams and Jesse Barnett.

The Idea started 3 years ago and never actually became a real thing until December 2013. Until recording their first EP entitled “Suffer Just To Believe” with Will Putney, the two didn’t really realize what they had. They had no idea how special it was. Drawing inspiration from bands like Quicksand, Deftones, Foo Fighters, while adding there own brand and interpretation and adding a little life to a sound that has been beaten to death. With both Tom and Jesse reaching far outside of their normal range of musical comfort and diving deep into their creative wells, they came out with something that is sure to take whatever it is that you would expect from these two and flip it on its fucking head.

You can pick up “Suffer Just To Believe” on Other People Records Spring of 2014. “

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