NEWS: MC Lars releases new compilation, ‘Donald Trump Has Really Bad Morals’!

Californian DIY rapper MC Lars has just released a new compilation record, titled ‘Donald Trump Has Really Bad Morals’, which features several new songs from the artist, along with a bunch of already released collaboration tracks that have been remastered for the release.

You can find the album artwork, full track listing, and links to order and purchase the record below:

01.) Mad Men
02.) Operation: Joyful Smiles
03.) Child’s Play
04.) Carmen San Diego Has Really Bad Morals
05.) Signing Dubstep
06.) Peeing In The Pool
07.) Captains Of Industry
08.) Do The Bruce Campbell
09.) Manifest Destiny
10.) Lord Of The Fries
11.) Franks Bacon Slashed The Canvas
12.) Oneonta (Eli Porter)
13.) Gary The Green-Nosed Reindeer
14.) Explain Capitalism To Me

You order and purchase the album now via iTunes (here) and Amazon (here).