NEWS: Mastodon to begin recording eighth album!

Credit: Jimmy Hubbard

It looks like Atlanta heavy metallers Mastodon will be heading into the studio soon to begin recording their eight album and follow-up to 2017’s ‘Emperor Of Sand’.

In a recent interview on the Let There Be Talk podcast, bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders explains that they’re currently looking for a producer to work with them and record at their recently purchased rehearsal space and recording studio in Atlanta called Ember City, with a intended release for early 2021.

You can read some excerpts from the interview below.

“We bought a building a couple of years ago. It’s called Ember City. It’s on the west end of Atlanta, and we’ve got about seventeen rehearsal spots in here for local bands and a studio in the basement, a top-shelf studio called West End Sound, where we’ve been demoing all this material for a new record, with hopes to start recording down there any week now for the real deal, because we’ve got loads of material. We’ve been chipping away this whole year. So I’m ready to hit ‘record’ for real and put a record out the beginning of next year.”

“…we’ve just been slowly piecing things together and chipping away since November, so it’s been, like, nine months in. So, pregnancy-wise, we’re about due. We’re throwing around some ideas and seeing who’s willing to come to Atlanta, because we have our own facility here now, so someone needs to be willing to travel here to help us out. So that conversation is happening now, which is exciting to me. We call it ‘demoitis’; you hear your demo so much, you’re losing touch. Is this even good anymore? I don’t know. While it’s still fresh, you need to record for real. You don’t want anything, really, to go too long, because it gets stale, or it can get stale, so kind of keeping it fresh and forward-moving is really important for us right now.”

You can stream and listen to the full interview here.

More details surrounding the band’s eighth studio album will be confirmed as they develop.