NEWS: Mark Hoppus performs Blink-182’s ‘Dammit’ on The Last Of Us Part II!

Credit: Sophie McNeil

On a recent stream on Twitch, Blink-182 bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus recreated the band’s 1997 hit ‘Dammit’ on the recently released video game, The Last Of Us Part II.

Hoppus performs the song via the video game as the character of Ellie, using the game’s universally praised in-depth playable guitar feature.

Utilising the PS4 controller’s touch pad, players can strum the guitar and have control over the strings and notes that are played, in turn causing fans to upload videos to YouTube of Ellie playing covers of all kinds of popular songs.

You can check out Hoppus doing just that to cover ‘Dammit’ below.

You can head to his Twitch channel to find more video content of Hoppus playing video games.

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