NEWS: Marilyn Manson teases ‘Say10’ with weekly cryptic posts!

Keeping fans at the edge of their seat and waiting with baited breath, Marilyn Manson appears to be gradually teasing their forthcoming tenth album ‘Say10’ with some very cryptic and vague video posts via Instagram.

Manson seems to be posting a new short video teaser weekly following a month of complete silence via their social media accounts after the albums initial tentative release date of Valentine’s Day (February 14th 2017) came and went without a peep.

Each one of the videos seems to display the Celebritarian Cross; a slight variation of the Cross of Lorraine, and a product of Manson‘s self-proclaimed art movement, The Celebritarian Corporation.

You can check out all of the teaser video clips released thus far below:

6:19. The time has come.

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The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

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Mercury Retrograde

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Due to the captions and contents of the video posts, and Manson himself confirming ‘Say10’ is a tentative title during an interview backstage at last year’s APMAs, it’s suspected that the name of the record may change before its release.

For the same reason it’s also highly rumoured that the release date will be June 19th 2017, specifically due to mentions of “16:9”, referring to a cryptic release date as opposed to referring to Chapter 16, Verse 9 of the Christian Bible.

More details surrounding the band’s tenth studio album and follow-up to their 2015 critically acclaimed full-length offering, ‘The Pale Emperor’, will be confirmed as and when it develops.