NEWS: Marilyn Manson reads out Justin Bieber’s apology texts on live radio!

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If you haven’t heard the recent gossip and drama involving the self-proclaimed “God of Fuck” Marilyn Manson and pop star poster boy Justin Bieber, then let us fill you in. Apparently, according to an interview originally published by Consequence Of Sound, the two had a bit of a feud that revolved around a little conversation that the two shared, and some redesigned Manson t-shirts that Bieber was selling for nearly $200 each.

We reported the news recently, and there you can read in more depth what happened (here), but essentially when the two met, Bieber was wearing one of Manson‘s t-shirts, and told him that because of that, he had made Manson “relevant again”, and, evidently, crossing Manson is something that you definitely don’t want to do.

On Tuesday (September 19th 2017), Manson appeared on Grant Random‘s hosted show on SiriusXM, on which he confirmed that, despite what the interview and article implied, there actually was no actual feud between the two, but that upon reading the article, Bieber sent a series of texts to Manson apologising for any unintentional bad blood. He decided to, along with radio personality Howard Stern, read out these apology texts live on the radio show.

You can listen to a short extract of the radio interview in which he discusses and reads out the texts below, along with a short transcript of the texts exchanged between the two of them.

Bieber: “BRO! It’s Bieber! What’s up with that article? I thought we had a pretty pleasant interaction. Also, if anything wasn’t squared away with the t-shirts, I’m so sorry. Anyways, regardless, it kinda stung seeing that if I came off like an asshole or even just was an asshole I’m sorry ????”

Manson: “Words.”

Bieber: “What’s that???”

Manson: “That was exaggerated. You were just being you. No beef here.”

Bieber: “Honestly I totally thought we hit it off. Again, my bad if I was at all an asshole. That for sure wasn’t my intention. Just wan you to know that.”

Manson: “We are cool. People just made that shirt stuff into a fake feud. Let’s turn it upside down and fuck the press and do something together. It will be the best. And don’t apologize you weren’t an asshole. They asked if you were and I sort of agreed. I wasn’t out to get you. If not I’ll try to avoid more questions today on Stern.”

Bieber: “I didn’t really care about the media. I just wanted to make sure you and I were good cause I liked you.”

Manson: “I won’t shit talk you on Stern.”

Despite what Manson had text Bieber, we’d say that it was probably said in jest, and that the possibility of some form of musical collaboration between the two is very unlikely, even if Bieber is a massive fan.

Though, saying that, it wouldn’t be unchartered territory for the antichrist superstar. Back in 2010, Manson provided some guest vocals and featured on a remix of Lady Gaga‘s hit ‘LoveGame’, which was made available on her aptly titled remix album, ‘The Remix’.

Any news that may develop off the back of this will be confirmed if and when it develops.

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