NEWS: Madina Lake tease possible reunion!

They threw in the towel back in 2013, after wrapping up the album cycle for their third full-length, ‘World War III’. However, Chicago based alternative rockers Madina Lake have started a bit of activity via their socials, which are insinuating some form of reunion may be in the works.

Their Facebook page has recently updated, with a cover photo stating “PLEASE STAND BY” in large letters, along with the band also updating their Facebook page profile photo three separate times since December 28th 2016.

A reunion from the band certainly isn’t something that’s outside the realms of possibility. In October 2015, they sent out the below tweet via their official Twitter account:

Any further evidence outside of this this a little thin on the ground, though it should be noted that this year will mark the tenth anniversary of their breakthrough debut album, ‘From Them, Through Us, To You’.

More news surrounding what all these cryptic messages and hints really mean will be confirmed as it develops.