NEWS: LostAlone release details of upcoming new album, ‘Shapes Of Screams’!

Rock up and comers LostAlone have released details of their imminent new album ‘Shapes Of Screams’, which drops April 7th via Graphite Records. Check out the artwork and track list below.

1.) Crusaders
2.) The Bells! The Bells!!
3.) Hostages (Destiny)
4.) Sombre Party (Legacy)
5.) G.U.I.L.T.Y
6.) Mental Health
7.) Apathy
8.) Scarlet Letter Rhymes
9.) I Was Born To End This Way
10.) Requiem
11.) Doooooooooomagedon (Global Thermonuclear Metafictional Warfare)
12.) Breathing In The Future Exhaling The Past