NEWS: Lorna Shore sign with Century Media Records!

Credit: Promo

After a bit of a speed bump last year with an unexpected vocalist change, followed by a guitarist change this year, Lorna Shore are now moving forward by signing to Century Media Records.

Through their new label home, the band have also announced that their third album ‘Immortal’ is incoming, set for release in early 2020 with a more concrete date set to be confirmed soon.

This is what drummer Austin Archey had to say about their new label home, and their upcoming album.

“Signing with Century Media is the beginning of another chapter for us as a band. We came through a lot tough situations: from changing members to even getting this record finished, that only pushed us to become a better band. We’re happy to share that with a label we’ve always respected.”

‘Immortal’ will be the first record to feature new frontman CJ McCreery (ex-Signs Of The Swarm), who replaced Tom Barber after he left to join deathcore contemporaries Chelsea Grin, and new guitarist Andrew O’Connor.

More details surrounding the band’s new album will be confirmed as it develops.