NEWS: London venue The Crobar launch crowdfunder to reopen!

Credit: Facebook

London based rock and metal venue The Crobar – situated in Soho – have launched a crowdfunder scheme in an effort to re-open after recently announcing their closure.

The venue announced its closure on September 20th 2020 due to being unable to trade for several months as a result on the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This is what venue owner Richard Thomas had to say about the closure and their crowdfunding campaign.

“Back in June, when I realised there was no way we would survive, I was heartbroken. As well as the obvious loss of all our jobs, I was hit hard by the thought that there are Crobar friends that I’ve seen on a regular basis for donkeys years, that I would never see again. This made me very sad. I also realised from texts and Facebook comments that most of our customers felt the same way.

At that time it felt like the end of the world, but one night soon after, I was reading my daughter a bedtime story, and half way through the book, the pirates ship sunk. “Oh no” I said, “How will the pirates get the treasure now?

My daughter shrugged and said, “They’re pirates Daddy, they’ll just get another ship.”

I am now happy to announce that The Crobar has decided to crowdfund with the aim of raising the money needed to reopen the bar at another location. When life gives you a kicking, kick it back! The aim is not just to reopen the bar, but hopefully to open a live music venue too. With so many venues closing, London will need new ones or its incredible music heritage will die. As a lifelong music fan, I can’t sit back and let that happen.”

The Crobar‘s crowdfunding campaign is live now, with a prize draw that includes pewter belt buckles, Zippo lighters and Richard‘s very last bottle of Crobar whiskey (number 666).