NEWS: Loathe part ways with bassist, Shayne Smith!

Credit: Promo

In the midst of several festival announcements and award nominations, British up-and-comers Loathe have regrettably announced that they have parted ways with their bassist, Shayne Smith.

In a statement issued via the band’s official Facebook page, the band confirmed that the decision was mutual. Smith also shared a message of his own regarding his departure, explaining that this was so he could “pursue a career in tattooing.”

You can read the full statement below.

“It comes with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Loathe.

We started this together almost 4 years ago, and until recently I thought I’d be with them until the end. But after 12 years of chasing the touring musician dream, I’ve come to realise this isn’t the life I want to lead.

I have the utmost respect and love for Erik, Kadeem, Sean & Connor, and I know for a fact that they’ll continue to rise as they have done so far and one day be considered greats alongside all our idols and inspirations. Since talking about my situation with them all, they’ve been nothing but supportive for me and want me to achieve happiness however that may be.

My new goal in life is to pursue a career in tattooing, something that I’ve dabbled with since I was in college and started getting tattooed myself. If you’d like to see my work as it progresses then continue to follow me on the various social networks.

For Loathe, I have no doubt that no quality or professionalism will be lost in their future endeavours, and they will be playing upcoming shows with a new bassist who I fully respect and believe will contribute to the band in ways that I never could.

It’s been one hell of a ride. I’ve achieved things I never thought were possible and I wouldn’t change anything if I had the chance. I sincerely hope that this won’t stop me from seeing my friends across the world once again.

A massive shoutout is deserved for Jason Mageau & Royal Division, Shawn Keith, Sal Torres & SharpTone Records, Nick Azinas, Claire Harris & Nuclear Blast, Nanouk at Avocado Booking and Eric Powell at Spotlight Touring for making everything we’ve achieved so far possible.

Forever love,


PS. I’m playing Download Festival as my send-off, one last massive party let’s do it!”

At the time of writing, no official replacement for Smith has been confirmed by the band.