NEWS: Lizzy Farrall shares video for new song, ‘Make Up Sex’!

Credit: Gavin Smith

British singer/songwriter Lizzy Farrall has returned with the first cut of new music since her ‘All I Said Was Never Heard’ EP, which was released back in January.

The new single, ‘Make Up Sex’, comes with an accompanying video, and in speaking about the track, Farrall explains the song confronts the topic of abusive and controlling relationships.

“When it came to writing ‘Make Up Sex’ I was feeling tired of how subtle I had been making my lyrics in previous songs. I’d always tried to keep them subtle so it didn’t completely give up the story behind them. With ‘Make Up Sex’ that completely went out the window. The story behind these lyrics is about abusive and controlling relationships. It’s focuses on topics about feeling the lack of self worth that a relationship like that can have on someone and also manipulative behaviour. I will admit it’s probably the darkest song I’ve written, but I feel very strongly about this topic and that it is not being spoken enough about.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Make Up Sex’ below.

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain as to whether the song will remain as a stand alone single, or will feature on a forthcoming EP or album.