NEWS: Lizzy Farrall deletes song featuring Bradley Walden (Emarosa)!

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British singer/songwriter Lizzy Farrall has announced the removal of the song ‘Knight Rider’ amidst allegations against its guest vocalist, Bradley Walden.

The track features on her debut album, ‘Bruise’, released earlier this year, but will subsequently be replaced by a b-side called ‘Machines’ on digital platforms.

You can read a full statement from Farrall explaining the decision below.

“It has come to light in recent days that there have been allegations towards Bradley Walden who features on the song ‘Knight Rider’ from my debut album. I fully support anyone brave enough to speak out & for this reason I am, with full support of my label Pure Noise, removing the song from my album. It will be replaced with a B-side called ‘Machines’.

I haven’t ever fully expressed that the White Rabbit imagery around my record was representing, & in some ways I wanted to keep that for myself. However I feel I do now what to share what part of that is.

The statement I read towards these allegations hit very close to home for me.

At the age of 13 I was groomed up until I was 15 & the White Rabbit imagery around my record represents my trauma, both mental & physical. Both things I have suffered in the past. It has been an outlet for me to grow from it and now to try & move on from it via my music.

What you go through does not have to define you. I hear you, I see you & I stand by you.

Lizzy x”

The allegations against Bradley Walden, frontman of Emarosa, surfaced earlier this week on Twitter, and have since seen the band dropped by both their label Hopeless Records and management Roc Nation.

For those who are facing or who are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

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