NEWS: Linkin Park & Kanye West team up for collab album, ‘Recollision Course’!

UPDATE: This is an April Fool’s prank, sorry if we’ve disappointed anyone. For fun, we’ve decided to leave it online. Enjoy.

Ones known to not be afraid of crossing the world of rock and rap, Linkin Park have announced they’ve been secretly working on a new collab album with rapper Kanye West, titled ‘Recollision Course’, which will act somewhat as a sequel to 2004’s collab with Jay-Z, ‘Collision Course’.

Though details are very minimal at the moment, the album is scheduled for release towards the end of the year, and rumoured tentative track titles include ‘Stronger In The End’, ‘One Step Closer To Yeezus’, ‘Breaking The Heartless’, and ‘A New God Flow That Never Comes’.

More information surrounding the release will be confirmed as things develop.