NEWS: Limp Bizkit enter studio “within the week” to record sixth album!

Credit: Promo

Nu-metal icons Limp Bizkit seem to be getting ready to enter the studio to record the eagerly-awaited follow-up to 2011’s ‘Gold Cobra’, as soon as “within the week” according to the band’s guitarist, Wes Borland.

Borland shared the news of the progress in creating what will be the band’s sixth studio album via Instagram, in which he also shares that recording would’ve began earlier but have been delayed due to the tragic wildfires in California currently.

“Getting warmed up to actually make a brand new Limp Bizkit album. We would have started last Saturday but were displaced by the fires and lost some gear. Getting back on our feet and in the studio within the week.”

Borland expanded on how the wildfires have affected the band’s progression on recording specifically, revealing that some gear was lost in the flames.

The most recent news before this regarding a new Limp Bizkit album came from Bring Me The Horizon members Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish, who shared that they were asked to work with frontman Fred Durst to help with writing towards their forthcoming record.

Sykes stated that a riff used in Bring Me The Horizon‘s recent single ‘Wonderful Life’ was originally intended to be used in a Limp Bizkit song, but never made it beyond consideration. You can check out our report on that here.

Since interviews in 2012, members of Limp Bizkit have mentioned that the title for the forthcoming record would be ‘Stampede Of The Disco Elephants’, though at this stage there’s no confirmation of that remaining to be the case.

More details surrounding the band’s forthcoming sixth album will be confirmed as it develops.