NEWS: Like Moths To Flames part ways with Rise Records!

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After being a part of the label’s roster for almost a decade, Ohio metalcore outfit Like Moths To Flames have confirmed that they’ve parted ways with Rise Records and at the time of writing are currently an unsigned band.

Vocalist Chris Roetter confirmed their departure from the label (through which they’ve released all of their full-length albums and EPs) on the latest episode of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast.

In the same podcast, Roetter also confirmed that the band have already began writing and recording material for what will eventually be their fifth record and follow-up to 2017’s ‘Dark Divine’.

You can read an excerpt from the interview on the podcast where this is discussed below.

“This is actually the first time that the band’s been doing adequate demos. We would do ‘Oh, man, check out this riff with these shitty drums.’ We actually paid our own money, and went and did some demos, so we’re actually taking the writing process very seriously this time.

We’re actually not on Rise anymore. This is the first time that we are going to be doing like, not something on our own, we’re just in-between right now. I think given what I’d said about ‘Dying Things’, about how we feel about the last few releases was just an extension of that, unfortunately, where… I guess, I don’t want to get into it really. I’m not trying to blow up anybody’s spot, but, I just personally feel like we were kind of back-burned a little bit.

We’re a really easy band to please, ’cause we do a lot of things ourselves. So, it’s like when we ask for minimal things, that was us getting help. Instead of it actually helping the band, it was kind of just like ‘Well, here’s us giving you aid’ and that’s it. So, I think for us, it’s kind of lit a fire to be the best that we can be, and having new members definitely makes it easier. People would be like ‘Dude, Moths has had seven or eight members, is it hard?’ It’s like ‘No, because people keep leaving, that made it hard’, and then we bring in people who are ambitious about the band, who want to grind and write… it’s almost like let me prove my worth type of thing, and the dudes have gone way beyond that.

I’d say on the last three records we’ve gone in with an accumulative of probably ten demos, and each of those records we did ten or eleven songs on. So, this time around, we’re not even planned to do a record, and we’ve already got seven or eight songs written; three of them are professionally recorded, they’ve got production, they’ve got ear candy, they’re properly engineered and not just us doing them in our garage.

So, it’s like kind of us just making sure that we’ve got the ammunition for when we do start speaking to labels, when we do kind of start letting the band… figure out where the band’s going to go, what we’re gonna do after this tour.”

You can stream and listen to the full podcast episode here.

More details surrounding further activity and output from Like Moths To Flames will be confirmed as it develops.