NEWS: Lifetight rumoured to have split up!

Credit: Promo

Following on from last week’s news that Lifetight guitarist Danny Reeves had decided to part ways with the band, it has now come to the forefront that the band are likely to have disbanded completely.

Reeves initially announced his parting from the band via his socials last week. You can read our initial report on that here.

Two of the other three members have now since confirmed that they have stepped down from the group.

Vocalist Thomas Smith shared the news that he was no longer a part of the band on Twitter, stating that it wasn’t a decision that he made and “never would have been”, but that he “will be back in music ASAP.”

Shortly after Smith publicly announced his departure, drummer Josh Murphy also took to Twitter to announce his leaving from Lifetight.

In his tweets, Murphy states that “nobody had been removed” and “nobody left”, but also implies that something about the group became “untrue to itself.”

In a later tweet with a fan, who wanted further clarification on the situation and felt confused, Murphy confirmed that “the band is just over.”

At the time of writing, there is no public announcement from bassist Elliott Black, nor is there a statement issued via any of the band’s official social channels. As such, there’s no confirmation that Lifetight has broken up completely, and may still remain in another format.

However, due to the circumstances that have unfolded from the other three members and the tweets that are embedded above, it is highly probable that Lifetight have split up indefinitely.

Lifetight formed back in July 2017 and released their debut EP and only release ‘Self-Tightled’ a few months later.